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Holistic Health Journal
Holistic Health Journal

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This is your go-to planner for holistic health. I believe that health is not merely the absence of disease, but it is a state of complete emotional, physical and social wellbeing. A definition curbed by the WHO in 1948. It is now the mantra with which I live and teach others to.

This journal and planner will give you the opportunity to grow in each of these areas of your life in the next year that we walk together. I now know that if follow the principles of holistic health living, you actually are living in abundance. I believe this should be for all of us, as long as we find true health. I describe it to be an ExtraOrdinary life (click here).

It is open-dated, so it can be used at any time in the year that you get a hold of it and want to start on a memorable holistic health journey. You will find monthly mindset prompts, as well as weekly and daily opportunities to plan and connect with your health and therefore, yourself as a whole.

I start with a personalized message to you, the user, to start the special connection with you.

What an honour to lead you through this experience!