​​​​​You want to have completeness, living with full health and finally living a life of abundance.

But you are hesitant to even start with another clinician, therapist, diet program, just trying to get closer to healthy and completeness, to finally be well and happy again. You are giving up all hope.

In fact, you are realizing you are actually sick, with some physical health symptoms and even feeling estranged to self and othersthat are important to you.

And when you sit with yourself, you are really yearning for more to life…. there must be more to the life you are living now. Where did all the satisfaction in life disappear to and when can you find it again?

Become an Extraordinaire

​​​​​Are you an ambitious professional, desiring to find completeness?

Are you one who desires to unearth your significance and, in the process, stand out as THE ONE?

Completeness is this, it is being authentic. 
And yet, authenticity warrants spiritual wellness.

So here I am,

She Stands Out

A beta experience of the biblical woman, that causes HER to stand out in modern day.

Experience the bible time brought alive for the today’s ambitious professional woman

Welcome to…
The rich experience of the word of God, 
a holistic encounter that has been personal, 
and now equipped to share with the next woman, 
For HER to become significant in her generation

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​​​​​Invite H3 (Hosted by Dr. Lillian) to speak at your event or organized meeting

  • Shares and educates ladies at a workplace, social event or even family meeting on living a holistically healthy life after facing losses and trauma that affects wellbeing

  • Typically, the verbal interaction ranges between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the group expectations

  • Possible discussions are in any or all of the areas of wellbeing (emotional, physical and social) to attain quality relationships and achievements in the given community (e.g. workplace, family or friendship sisterhood).

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Happens every 2nd weekend of November, 20 Slots available

  • In a classy and cosy space, women get to meet and be inspired through moments of HOPE that enable them to ignite their HEALING

  • Unwind from the stretches of the entire year

  • Be inspired, inspire others, bond deeply, laugh & even cry intimately with their sisters, plan and above all, renew their minds

  • Of course, with a sumptuous meal and all positivity to usher them into the festivities of the Christmas season

  • Ladies can then enjoy their families and communities, when their own cups are filled after such an event.

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S.U.U.B.I. is See my pain, Understand together, Unearth the real you, Breathe again, Ignite Healing

  • Travel out of town, for 2 nights, to reignite healing for women facing the effects of loss and trauma

  • Use tools within building HOPE to support women see the crowns on their painful stories

  • Together with them, plan their healing journey individually setting professionally led goals to achieving true and authentic HEALTH

  • Have medical consultations to support them understand their possible disease processes and see HEALING as a possibility

  • Unwind with a swim, a bicycle ride as well as long walks as ways to allow these traumatized minds to breathe (these are part of the therapy sessions)

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Hear out, Open Up, Play + Pray with me, Embrace / Enter into HEALING

This is a day’s interaction that avails in-depth counselling and snapshot moments, yet with depth to hear the truths about how one’s pain can be unearthed

This is a one-on-one support program enabling women at their lowest points, with inner emptiness, to see hope to start them on their journey to healing

In the process, put self-first for emotional wellbeing

We are able to chip in self-rewarding activity to ignite healing with physical wellbeing

Ignite the plan for social wellbeing (spiritual, family and other communities, space around as well as financial planning)

Girlfriends or sisters can plan to attend this program together for a richer experience and achieve more accountability, however the plans are still individualized

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​​​​​This is a 10 to 12 week intense program that is sandwiched with face-to-face virtual and physical coaching sessions while the ladies are supported to do the actual work with step-by-step guidance

Ladies that have faced the effects of inner emptiness are enabled to walk from HOPE to HEALING through tangible transformations and detailed work in their emotional, physical and social wellbeings

By the end of this program, ladies are unrecognizable because their whole demeanor is different; they are walking in the lifestyle of healing.

The pain is not gone, the scars still exist but because the ladies have embraced a healthy version of themselves, these truths no longer define them and how they walk through their lives 

The crowns on their (painful) stories are re-arranged, their ashes are beautified and their pain is turned into purpose (we also support them into finding this)

Ladies can tangibly redefine their own health according to the true definition of HEALTH given by WHO (a state of complete emotional, physical and social wellbeing)

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Emotional Wellbeing

A 3 week journey; where, together with our lady, we shall TALK ABOUT IT!

Managing the mind of this lady, to see beyond the trauma and visualize a healed version of herself, achieving self-worth

Self-assessment and self-awareness through guided introspection

Using snapshot moments of using HOPE to point this lady to the possibility of finding HEALING

We create a shift of her mind and thinking from places of emptiness towards seeing HOPE; that which keeps her awake at night is known and can be further unearthed

We are able to touch her heart by “calling out” the pain from her truth

The lady is equipped with professionally led steps towards physical, emotional and social wellbeing

Enabling her to make individual goals towards personal logical problem resolution

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Physical Wellbeing

A 3 week journey; where we, together with our lady, to STEP OUT!

Managing the body, in response to an achieved mindset shift, embracing tangible avenues to self-love

Together with the lady, develop personal goals towards achieving the best version of her body through guided physical activity, diet, rest and relaxation plans

We support her into realizing the appropriate routine health packages recommended in her context

Tailor long term activities and plans towards her needs, given her story, to achieve and show her what a healed version of herself looks like (action and visualization)

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Social Wellbeing


A 3 week journey; where, together with our lady, we CONNECT TO A COMMUNITY

Guided through setting personal boundaries that will regulate the world around to share in our lady’s healed version

Including the vertical relationship (spirituality) and horizontal ones.

Set guided personal goals towards daily spiritually nourishing and fulfilment


And horizontally, reorganize and declutter human and non-human surroundings, to accommodate the healed version of our lady

Mending broken vital relationships that support healing for our lady


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