The Journey

Dr Lillian Nabukeera Kaliisa is a family physician and a public health specialist with expertise in holistic health and finding healing. She supports ambitious professionals to rediscover their passion and purpose and live a life of abundance, by finding and living in whole health.

Dr. Lillian adds the glow to medicine and to your personal health. Known for her ability to break down complex concepts in medicine in a fresh, lovable and simple way, Dr. Lillian provides online & in-person training in health, developing and sticking with holistic health lifestyles as well as individual and organisational health.

Dr. Lillian’s journey to finding true and authentic health is a frequent favorite among audiences at conferences, universities, and corporate events. Despite having attended medical school and practiced medicine, she was living with inner emptiness and illness, but in less than 3 years, she was able to find true health, find her healing and is able to live a life of abundance, while teaching others to do the same.

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I’m Dr. Lillian Nabukeera Kaliisa and I believe in depth. I believe in the power of finding deep and authentic relationships with self, others and all surrounding us; there-in lies the core to true HEALTH. Health is the one thing that can change the trajectory of anything that we do in life. Finding true and authentic health has the ability to transform your life, adding years to it, yet living those years in abundance.

Since 2021, I’ve had the privilege of using my voice to spur multiple audiences, minorities, and professionals, towards starting on a journey of finding true and authentic health; a must-have for any individual, and in the process, find their passion, purpose and fulfilment in life. That is true happiness 😊

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